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81 Why Me? Why Not Me. 92 I Keep Wandering Around My Central Self.
82 Being Good Enough Is Way Good Enough. 93 The World Is Not Going To Captain My Ship,
And If It Does I Better Watch Out.
83 My Sensations Are More Important Than
Someone Else's Thoughts.
94 For Me To Be Present, I Must Trust In
My Capacity To Accept What Is.
84 Loneliness Is No Different
Than Hunger Or Thirst.
95 To Be Aware Is To Be Present.
To Be Present Is To Be Aware.
85 As Long As I Wait For My Mother To Love Me,
I Will Stay A Child
96 My Thoughts And My Feelings Come And Go,
Unless I Am Connected To The Earth I Don't Know
Whether I'm Coming Or Going.
86 My Fear Of Abandonment Could
Have Made Me A Phony.
97 Through My Growing Awareness The Possibility
Exists That I May Transform Into The Person
I Admire.
87 As I Become More Self Aware I Become Wiser. 98 Awareness Transforms Without
The Awareness Of The Transformation.
88 How I Feel Is Never An Excuse For How I Behave. 99 I May Be Good Enough Even Though
I Don't Feel Good Enough.
89 As A Child I Was A Victim,
As An Adult I Victimize Myself.
100 Once I Have A Connection To Myself,
I Won't Live In Terror Of Being Abandoned
By Another Self.
90 As I Become More Self Aware I Become Wiser.    
91 Feeling Helpless And Enraged Is An
Immobilizing Combination Resulting In
Depression Or Violence.
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