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61 I Am Looking For Myself Through Others. 71 In Order For Me To Have A Meaningful Relationship
With Anyone, I Must Have One With Myself First.
62 Parents Are Obligated To Their Children,
Not The Other Way Around.
72 Since I Have Been An Adult
I Am The Only One Who Can Validate Me.
63 I Am Indulging In One Addiction Or
Another Instead Of Embracing My Pain.
73 I'm Still Not Great At Relations,
With Myself Or Anyone Else.
64 I Profess That I Want To Be Fixed,
But I Do Not Want To Do The Fixing.
74 I Do Not Believe My Thoughts Or Feelings,
My Judgement Is What I Rely On.
65 Falling In Love Calls Up All My Unmet Needs
Of Early Childhood.
75 When I Feel Rage And Terror At The Same Time,
I Have A Panic Attack.
66 My Mother Was Afraid Of Nothing But Intimacy,
My Father Was Afraid Of Everything
Especially My Mother.
76 When I Feel Rage And Terror Over Time,
I Either Act Out Violently Or Become Depressed.
67 I Cannot Get My Basic Needs For Intimacy Met
Unless I Am Vulnerable.
77 Only When I Embrace My Deepest Painful Feelings,
May I Be Free From My Carried Shame.
68 I Must Get My Satisfaction In Life From The Efforts I Make, Since I Have No Control Over The Results. 78 We Must Do What Is Right No Matter How It Feels.
69 My Thoughts Come And Go, My Feelings Come And Go, I Must Depend Upon The Life Force Within Me. 79 It May Take A While Before Being
Courageous Feels Good.
70 I Must Learn To Get Out Of My Way,
Before I Can Know The Truth.
80 I Am Nobody's Audience And Nobody Is Mine.
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