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41 The Only Thing To Aspire To Is Self- Awareness. 51 The More Self Respect I Have,
The More Respectful I Will Be To Others.
42 In Order To Survive Childhood I Must Be Selfish,
In Order To Live I Must Be Selfless.
52 In Order To Have A Life,
I Must Stop Making Excuses For Not Having One.
43 It's Great To Be Aware That I Am Not A Victim,
But Now I Have Total Responsibility For My Life.
53 To Accept What Is, Is To Be Present.
44 Only When I Get Out Of My Self,
Can I Appreciate Another's.
54 It's Not Only What Happens To Me,
It's How I Deal With What Happens To Me.
45 Through Awareness I Am Able To Notice
And Appreciate Another.
55 One Can Be Good Enough Without The Awareness.
46 I Must Be Aware Of My Intentions For Every
Word I Utter And Every Move I Make.
56 How Much I Live In My Head Is Directly
Related To How Much Shame I Feel.
47 All Relationships End, There Are No Failures. 57 I Must Know When To Fight And When To Walk Away.
48 Feeling Like A Victim And
Being One Are Not Always The Same.
58 Feeling Weak And Being Weak Are Not The Same.
49 It's Not The Feedback I Get From Others,
It's What I Feed Myself That Matters.
59 Expectation = Hope. Hope = Expectation.
50 Freedom Is The Absence Of Worry. 60 I Keep Wondering Around My Central Self.
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