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21 I Live To Express Not To Impress. 31 I Create Drama, Instead Of Feeling My Pain.
22 Being Good Enough Is Way Good Enough. 32 Complaining Is Creating Drama.
23 If I Need To Be Better Than Good Enough,
I Would Lack Self Acceptance.
33 The Truth Lies In Our Connection To The Earth.
24 Until I Get In Touch With My Rage,
I Will Be Controlled By My Fear Of It.
34 I Am A Victim Of My Unstructured Life.
25 Loving Is What Matters, Not Being Loved. 35 When I Ask A Question, I Am Needing Attention
Or The Answer.
26 If I Accept What Is, I Am Present. 36 It Is Not How I Feel, It Is How I Behave.
27 There Can Be No Good Or Bad Children,
Only Good Or Bad Parents.
37 Life Is About Finding A Balance In Everything.
28 I Love You Because You Are Not Like Me,
I Hate You Because You Are Not Like Me.
38 If I Can't Hate, I Can't Love.
29 An Infant Knows That Abandonment Means Death
An Adult Knows Abandonment Only Feels Like Death.
39 If I Can't Say No, I Can't Say Yes.
30 People Believe They Are Rational,
When Their Unconscious Controls Their Lives.
40 My First Obligation Is To Myself,
Until It Is My Second.
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