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1 Find My Pain, Find My Soul, Find My Passion. 11 Only When I Get Out Of My Way,
Do I Realize That No One Else Is In It.
2 How I Feel At Any One Moment Is Not As
Important As How I Feel About Myself.
12 Like A Rat In A Maze, I'm In A Hurry To Go No Where.
3 I Must Validate Myself From The Inside Out,
RatherThan The Outside In.
13 As Long As I Want My Mother To Grow Up,
I Will Stay A Child.
4 I Live To Surrender And Hope To Die With Dignity. 14 I Follow Where My Passions Lead, Not My Head.
5 If I Watch My Behavior I Will Know Who I Am. 15 I Can Love And Hate The Same Person.
6 Only When I Am Not Attending To My Thoughts
Or Feelings, Am I Aware.
16 Get The Fuck Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body.
7 I Belong Where Ever I Am. 17 Complaining Is My Way Of Getting Attention.
8 How I Feel Is Never An Excuse For How I Behave. 18 My Future Depends Upon My Living Well Now.
9 Being Happy And Having Fun Are Not The Reasons
To Be.
19 The Child In Me Has More Power Over The Adult,
Than The Adult Has Over The Child.
10 I Am Responsible For Every I Word I Utter
And Every Move I Make.
20 Awareness Transforms Without Effort.
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