About The Book

“Nobody Ever Offered Me Any Sausage” is about combining the wisdom of the East and the West into a Zen-like self-help book. My education and training were typically Western. My life experience is not typically Western.

This book was born from a collaboration between me and my patients. I bring to our sessions my life’s work and experience, and they bring their budding awareness, together the following insights have come to life called Roxygrams.

I now serve you a platter of them, some are easily digested, other’s need to be chewed well, and some will be hard to swallow. They all need to be savored over time.


Preface Of The Book

This book is combining the wisdom of the East and the West into a Zen-like Self Help book.

Combining the reason of the West and the intuition of the east, I have conceptualized my own healing process. People come to me for help without knowing what is really troubling them. I encourage them to change their focus from the outside and to explore what is on the inside.

Once placing our focus on the inside, we begin to feel our pain and realize that our pain is rooted in our childhoods. Getting through childhood was an ordeal and we survived it any way we could.

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