Awareness Transforms Without Effort

Making the transition from childhood to adulthood is often a bumpy road with many detours along the way. The skills we learned to survive childhood is not sufficient for living well as adults. As we become adults we realize that we a have a deep need for meaning and purpose in our lives. The popular saying to be mindful sounds good, but how do we become mindful and find meaning and purpose? I discovered the way and that is by having a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

My Meditative Awareness Therapy is the process to satisfy these needs. Through guided meditation with cognitive behavioral therapy, my patients become aware that they are not only their thoughts and feelings that come and go, but a life force that is constant. Once aware, we are present (mindful) and are able to begin finding an authentic connection to ourselves and others. These connections are as necessary as sunlight and are the keys to living a healthy and meaningful life.


Is an ancient pursuit that in some form is a part of nearly all world religions.

In recent years its practice derived from various branches of Buddhism has made its way into the secular world as a means of promoting calmness and general well being.

Through meditation my patients learn that their feelings and thoughts come and go, but that their life force (the breath) is CONSTANT and is what they can rely on.


Entails observing our thoughts, and our feelings through meditation without making any judgements about them.I teach my patients that only actions are to be judged.

After learning to meditate (to be present) and becoming aware that we are more than our thoughts and feelings that should never be judged, we can rely on the breath, our life force and can then begin the process of finding a deep connection to ourselves and to others.

These connections are as necessary as sunlight and are the keys to living a healthy meaningful life.

Roxy DeCou

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Roxy Harris DeCou
Roxy Harris DeCou

My education and training were typically Western. I received a B.A. in psychology from Ohio State University, an M.S.W. from Hunter College, and trained at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx. I earned a license to practice psychotherapy in California from the Board of Behavioral Sciences in 1981. My life experience is not typically Western. In my early twenties, I was involved in Bioenergenic Therapy,  A combination of working with the body and mind to help resolve emotional problems.

This experience was the beginning of my realization that there was much more to learn about helping people than in traditional talk therapy. Practicing yoga, as well, added to my new awareness of the necessity of having a positive connection with our bodies.

Combining the “reason” of the West and the “intuition” of the East, I have conceptualized my own healing process. People come to me for help without knowing what is really troubling them. They complain about problems on the job and problems with their relationships. I encourage them to change their focus from the outside and to explore what is on the inside. 

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